It is a unique musical project intended for the Tubicinatores Gedanenses of historical trumpets and timpani accompanied by a baroque chamber orchestra. Performing with orchestra is a continuation and a natural development of the artistic ideas from ensemble’s two previous albums: Tubicinatores Gedanenses (2016) and Turmmusik (2019). The music presented in this program is based on the repertoire of the 17th and 18th century Imperial Court in Vienna. The ceremonial sonatas were performed by musicians at courts, both secular and church for joy and amusement of principals, as well as for wealthy city patricians who organized concerts in the privacy of their homes. Staging them with an orchestra will be the world premiere of these works since the Baroque! Thanks to the collaboration with the chief editor of Spaeth und Schmid Arne Thielemann, most of these little musical masterpieces will be performed in public for the first time in almost 300 years. An important part of the concert will also be a presentation of arranged pieces from Gdańsk (probably never recorded before) and the use of copies of instruments from this epoque will be an attempt to find a sound similar to what ensembles were in the past. Despite the huge legacy of concert music and the richness of recordings, we rarely have the opportunity to listen to baroque music, especially written for such a spectacular instrumental composition. The artistic supervisor of the project is Dr Paweł Hulisz – founder of the Tubicinatores Gedanenses.

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