Altberg Ensemble is a baroque orchestra from Łódź, founded in 2017 by cellist Jakub Kościukiewicz. The group includes musicians, who specializes in historical performance and play period instruments or their copies, using historically informed techniques. Artistic paths led each member of the ensemble to Łódź. The debut of the ensemble took place in August 13th 2017 in Tum near Łęczyca during 18th Colors of Poland Festival. Its appearance was soon appreciated by artistic environment of Łódź and brought the ensemble “Armatka Kultury” 2017 – an award in the plebiscite of cultural magazine “Kalejdoskop”,as well as the performance in Artur Rubinstein Philharmonic in Łódź in the following year. In 2018 Altberg Ensemble, led by an outstanding Swiss harpsichordist, organ player and conductor Jörg-Andreas Bötticher, took part in concert series 200 Bach Cantatas for 200 Years of Warsaw University. Since 2019 the ensemble performs regularly in Łódź and in the Voivodeship of Łódź with concert series Baroque Lodz. It is also recognized in Poland thanks to appearances at festivals such as Dramma per Musica in the Royal Castle in Warsaw, The Baroque Scene of Bydgoszcz, Baroque in Masuria, and also during Warsaw University’s Bach 200 concert series or at Concerts for Peace in Church of Peace in Jawor. The ensemble has cooperated with many celebrated singers: Anna Mikołajczyk, Olga Pasichnyk, Karol Kozlowski, Jakub Józef Orliński, Aleksander Rewiński, Michał Sławecki, Kacper Szelążek, Rafał Tomkiewicz and with acclaimed leaders, like harpsichordist and organ player Jörg-Andreas Bötticher, violinist Olivia Centurioni, oboist Alfredo Bernardini or recorder player, musicologist and conductor Peter Van Heyghen, and violinist Grzegorz Lalek and Zbigniew Pilch. In April 2022 Altberg Ensemble published the first CD with G. Ph. Telemann Suites & Concerto recorded with Peter Van Heyghen as conductor for DUX Recording Producers DUX 1761. This CD was nominated for Fryderyk Awar in “Early Music” category. In August 2022, Altberg Ensemble made musicological research and performed XVIII ct. music from forgotten library of Dominican Convent in Gidle.

  • Paweł Miczka, Aleksandra Kelm, Joanna Gręziak, Małgorzata Góraj, Debora Kramarek – violin
  • Katarzyna Rymuza, Katarzyna Cendlak, Anna Nowak-Pokrzywińska – viola
  • Jakub Kościukiewicz, Anna Cierpisz, Krystyna Wiśniewska – cello
  • Tomasz Iwanek – double bass
  • Patrycja Leśnik-Hutek, Jan Hutek – oboe
  • Ewa Gubiec, Aleksandra Gajkowska-Swinarska – flute
  • Ewa Mrowca, Jörg-Andreas Bötticher – harpsichord

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