Karol Gołębiowski

Karol Golebiowski, born in 1954 in Warsaw, ranks among the leading european organists of his generation. He was a prize winner at the International Organ Competitions in Bruges, Munich, Nuremberg, Rome and Speyer. Since then the artist has performed in all the countries of Europe, in Lebanon, Israel, USA and has been invited to play by all the major festivals. Apart from his public appearances Karol Golebiowski has featured in numerous broadcasts and recordings (Autographe, Decca, Rome, DUX, EMI, Harmonia Mundi, Pavane, RAI, Selene, Wifon, ZDF). Among his numerous recordings are The Art of the Fugue and the Complete organ Works by J.S.Bach (twice), J.Brahms and W.A.Mozart. From 1991 to 2008 Karol Golebiowski has been an Artistic Director of the European Organ Festival, organising concerts in about 50 cities in 14 countries. Presentely he is teaching as an  associate Professor with a doc. hab. in musical arts at the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce, Poland.

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