Goldberg Baroque Ensemble

Goldberg Baroque Ensemble +

  • Adam Pastuszka (koncertmistrz), Viola Szopa, Klaudia Matlak, Kamila Guz, Bernadeta Wujtewicz,
  • Joanna Aksnowicz – skrzypce/violin
  • Dymitr Olszewski, Dominik Dębski – altówka/viola
  • Bartosz Kokosza – wiolonczela/cello
  • Stanisław Smolka – Kontrabas/contrabass
  • Katarzyna Pilipiuk, Katarzyna Czubek – oboje/oboe
  • Patrycja Leśniak – taille
  • Leszek Wachnik – fagot/fagott
  • Andrzej Mikołaj Szadejko – organy, kierownictwo artystyczne/ organ, artistic leader

This vocal-instrumental ensemble was established by Andrzej Szadejko, its conductor ever since, in 2008. The ensemble specialises in performing early music from Balticum in accordance with the HIP conventions of the Baroque and Classical periods. The musicians forming the ensemble are Polish and foreign graduates of the renown European centres focused on early musical practice (Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, Royal Music Academies in London and the Hague). The instrumentalists play the authentic instruments or their copies. Under the name “Goldberg Vocal Ensemble”, the vocalists of the group engage in a cappella projects. Their output comprises concerts and prize-winning recordings. Goldberg Baroque Ensemble is currently carrying out a recording project called The Musical Heritage of the City of Gdańsk with polish label SARTON and Musica Baltica with german label MDG, presenting the music surviving in script in the collection of the Gdańsk Library of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The collection includes thousands of mostly unknown master compositions by Gdańsk masters of cappella and other musicians.


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